I find it very rare to come across a company that I can’t find any positive things about, but I really cannot think of anything for the experience we have just had with double glazing outfit SafeStyle UK.

We thought we would buy a new set of french windows to replace the patio doors we have at Fidget Towers. So like any large purchase we make, we decided to get a few quotations for the work.


We approached three companies. The first two attended our house, measured up and left a written quotation for us. Both were very courteous and professional. Then the third appointment, SafeStyle UK called. What a mistake we had made!

I was still out at work when the guy was due to call and measure up, so Mrs Fidgetwith (who is more than capable of making choices and purchases for the both of us) was to deal with it.

The time of the appointment came and the doorbell rang. Mrs Fidgetwith answered the door – and true to their television ad’s “YOU BUY ONE, YOU GET ONE FREE!”, not one but two salesmen from SafeStyle UK were standing there.

The first guy, who was wearing more gold chains than a Cash4Gold advert, introduced the second guy as his trainee and it was his first day shadowing him.

So, my wife informed them that we wanted to replace the patio doors with french windows and we would like a quotation. An simple enough question, you would think.

This is where the visit started to go wrong. “Mr T” asked my wife “Where is your husband?” – now at no point had my wife said she was married, so he must have clocked her wedding ring.

“He’s still at work” she replied.

“Oh no, sorry we cannot carry on, he has to be here” said  “Mr T”.

“Why?” quizzed Mrs Fidgetwith

“Because theres a lot of questions I need to ask such as glass types and you both have to be here to make the choices.” he replied.

At this point my wife called me on my mobile, explained he would not provide a quotation without me being there. I asked her to put him on the phone.

“Why can you not give us a quotation without me being there?” I asked

“Because we need to know what type of glass you want, there’s [reels off a long list of options]” he replied.

“We just want standard glass, nothing fancy, just your budget range is fine” I said.

“We can’t do that, you have to be here!” he snapped

“Why?” I replied

“It’s company policy!” he retorted.

“Fine, in that case, we will leave it thank you.” I replied.

And with that, he picked up his belongings, spat his dummy out and marched out of the house – his apprentice looking shocked and apologetic to my wife.

Still walking down the pathway, “Mr T” was stamping his feet, waving his arms around shouting back at Mrs Fidget “BUDGET?? WE DON’T DO BUDGET!!”

Well, “Mr T”, you don’t do anything at Fidget Towers now and all the better for the other two companies we saw – one of which is about to get an order immediately for new french windows  – and a further order for more later in the year. Bad move SafeStyle UK!

This also comes the day after Jeffery Brown (The guy in their TV ads) was given a suspended sentence for drink driving.

We called SafeStyle UK without checking them out first (we would have done this had the quotation been favourable), but I had no idea a company could be so bad before they had even given you a quotation. It seems we are not alone – further reports of bad and sharp practice are at Review Centre and DooYoo. SafeStyle UK also has a sister company called Virgo Home Improvements.

One last word of warning  just in case you have not got the message yet:



Have you had an experience with SafeStyle UK? Share it with us below.

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