UPDATE 16th July 2010: He’s at it again! Thanks to my eagle eyed visitors, he’s been spotted agian on today’s One o’clock news on BBC1 – this time the news story about the Yorkshire Ripper not being released. On this occasion he can be seen on his mobile phone and also briefly talking to another lady also on her phone. Who was she? Does she know him? The plot thickens!

And again at Parliament Square:

UPDATE #2, 16th July 2010: Russel Howard featured him on his show at the end of last year after making 2 appearances. Here is some of the video footage:

UPDATE 17th July 2010:Thank you for all the inbound links to here from several forums. I notice some are caliming these are photoshopped images. I can wholeheartedly promise you they are NOT photoshopped imagesother than to crop/resize the images for use on the web. All have been captured from live broadcasts by the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 or Sky. I am also not the only witness, but have hopefully gathered the best collection of the “evidence” he exists!

UPDATE 19th July 2010:Spotted again on BBC’s One o’click news today at the schools protest in London:

So do you recognise him? Are you this person? Have you got any more images of his appearances?

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Let’s see if together we can find out how this mystery man is!

UPDATE 21st July 2010:

Thanks to “foo-ki-loo” we have a name! Paul Yarrow

Here he is:

It seems he may be a “good samaritan” according to the South London Press:

PAGES and pages of handwritten praise for Paul Yarrow have been filed in the South London Press Our Heroes folder.

Over the past few weeks nominations have been flying in for Bermondsey 40-year-old Paul Yarrow under Community Champion, Good Samaritan and Carer of the Year.

So what has he done to warrant such glowing words and 12 nominations under three different categories?

Whether it’s caring for friends and family, helping elderly people in the community or championing causes and campaigns, Paul has devoted nearly every day of his life to others.

Paul, who used to work as a security escort for the (then) Ministry of Defence, said: “I’ve been caring since the age of 12 for neighbours and family.

“My grandmother had diabetes and was bedridden. I was her carer from 12 until I was 14, when she died. I did cleaning and shopping and bought her food.

“Then my mother had breast cancer and high blood pressure, so I looked after her.

“And I cared for my dad, Patrick, who died in March this year.”

Paul, whose 78-year-old mum Stella lives in East Dulwich, also nursed friends John James Green, who died of hepatitis, and Dave Alister, whose life was claimed by an Aids-related illness.

Paul said: “I don’t know what draws me to caring for people.

“I think it’s because I don’t like to see people suffering.

“The world is in such a rush and people don’t have time for those people.”

Paul is, or has been, a member of countless organisations and campaigns and takes an interest in community initiatives all over South London.

They include collecting thousands of signatures to help save the East Dulwich Community Centre from being sold to developers.

And he was part of the massive campaign that fought the closure of the Maudsley Hospital’s 24-hour emergency mental health clinic.

He is currently working to keep the Felix Post Day Centre, for over-60s with mental health issues, open.

On top of all that, he helps out around his neighbourhood as vice-chairman of the Barry Area Forum and even cleans the Tenants Association Hall.

He said: “I’ve been through a lot of sad times, but it’s always good for me to get out. I like meeting people and don’t have much time to myself.

“I’m the sort of person who is always doing something for others.”

Friend Duncan Avery said: “He has managed to cope with enormous challenges with personal issues within the family.

“He has stood up and supported those who can’t support themselves.

“Who’s going to stand up for him?”

UPDATE 22nd July 2010:Eagle eyed visitors to fidgetwith.com keep bringing more sightings in! including (thanks to ericezza) a one on one interview by ITN about improving care homes and another was spotted by Mr F where he seems to want to enter Big Brother:

on January 2010 at 10:50 am Paul Yarrow said:

I am a son of a ww2 Fighter pilot Patrick Yarrow,he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross by King George the 6th,after the war.

He also worked in the film studios with such greats as Elizabeth Taylor,Richard Burton,Orsen Wells,Anthony Quinn and at Thames Television.

Sadly I was too young at the time to work in the industry.

I went to school with Prince Nicholas of Greece,he is related to Prince Philip. I have wone several local awards encluding the ‘Good samaritan of the Year’award by the South London Press.

I am currently known as the fat guy who wants to be on television on the popular BBC3 ‘Russell Howard’s Good News.

I am very well known in South London working in the Voluntary Sector. I often talk to MP’s Tessa Jowell,Harriet Harmon,Simon Hughs.

UPDATE #2 22nd July 2010:Thanks again to another tip off from visitors! Here he is from a live broadbast on ITV1’s evening news today. This time outside New Scotland Yard. Just how close is he to the reporter!

Will news reporters in London have to start hiring bouncers now he seems to be getting “braver”?

UPDATE 23rd July 2010: Fancy a little fun? Try my “Where’s Yarrow” game!

UPDATE 24th July 2010: Reporters! Get your own back with my “Kick the news stalker” flash game! Click here to play!

UPDATE: 27th July 2010: A massive breakthrough! After several days of no sightings, he’s back – and, wait for it – are you sitting down? he has a NEW TOP!

Here he is this afternoon, just after 2pm outside BP’s headquarters on Al Jazera English news channel:

Tweets about him are still going strong, with the hashtags of #newsman or #moobman becoming popular.

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